QOD Electric Golf Buggy


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When you order your QOD Buggy today, you’ll get:

The QOD Electric Golf Buggy, plus

  • Lithium Battery and Charger
  • All Terrain Wheels

Plus a Warranty Plan which is second to none:

  • A three-year warranty on the entire buggy and electrics

The QOD Modular Golf Buggy is the most compact, durable and versatile golf buggy in Australia
​QOD is the smallest single piece construction electric golf buggy on the golf market. Its unique four-wheel, telescopic design means there is no other buggy quite like it.

Big where it matters, small where it counts

The buggy folds to a mere (L) 45cm x (W) 34cm x (H) 37cm – almost the same footprint as an A3 size piece of paper!
This means it stores into most golf club personal lockers and two or more buggies will easily fit in the boot of a standard size car, together with golf bags, so golfers can travel together with their QODs. And unlike conventional buggies, there are no detachable wheels or other loose parts to be lost or forgotten that will prevent it from use when you arrive at the course.

Quality design and Australian made

​The QOD’s compact Australian made design doesn’t compromise on quality. Constructed using only the finest materials, including aircraft quality aluminium, it’s tough enough to handle the most demanding of courses and is packed with exciting features such as a whisper-quiet motor and continuous pace control. Designed for quick transition from rest to play, on average, it takes less than a minute to be ready to go.

An electronic buggy supporting our modern digital lifestyle

​The powered QOD supports constant powering and charging of smart phones, tablets and GPS devices throughout the round.

Low Maintenance

QOD’s modular design supports easy maintenance and low running costs in the event of repairs for its owner. Due to its compact size, spare modules can be shipped quickly and cost effectively anywhere in the world using standard parcel services.

Smaller, lighter and longer-lasting battery

In keeping with its compact design, QOD is powered by the SMALLEST and LIGHTEST battery of its kind!
The 18–36 hole lithium battery is less than 1/4 of the weight and 1/3 of the size of a traditional lead-acid golf battery and there is also a 36-54 hole option too. Both batteries will fully charge in under 4 hours and are good for over 2,000 rounds of golf.

Easy To Use

​QOD is ideal for ALL golfers including juniors and ladies. When folded, its patented shape is easy to handle with either one or two hands, and moving from car to course and back again requires no effort at all.

Some are even reporting they can now play their favourite 18-hole course by up to FOUR shots better than before. thanks to their QOD.

QOD = Quality Of Design

  • Three Years limited warranty provides peace of mind. 
  • Folds Smaller than any electric golf buggy in the world.
  • User-Friendly Controls allow you to focus on your game.
  • Made in Australia with quality components built to last.  
  • USB Port keeps any phone charged all day.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery lasts 36 holes & charges in four hours.
  • Free-Wheel Mode at all times to push or pull the QOD golf buggy with ease.
  • Accessories remain attached, so you won’t forget them.
  • Service & Support available seven days a week.


  • Description                           Rating
  • Weight                                   11.2 kg + battery 2.2 kg
  • Dimensions                          45cm x 37cm x 34cm
  • Motor                                    Whisper Quiet
  • Warranty                              3 Year Limited
  • Battery                                  MiniMiser Lithium Standard 18-36 Holes,  Charges in under 4 hours
  • Frame                                   Precision-machined stainless steel & high performance aircraft-quality aluminum


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