QOD Electric Golf Buggy


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When you order your QOD Buggy today at $1189, you’ll get:

The QOD Electric Golf Buggy, plus

  • Lithium Battery and Charger
  • Sand Bucket Ring Accessory

Plus a Warranty Plan which is second to none:

  • A two-year comprehensive warranty on the entire buggy and electrics
  • A 10-year comprehensive warranty on the frame and axle shafts
  • Two-years comprehensive warranty on the lithium battery charger
  • Five years total warranty on the battery (two comprehensive, three limited)

Plus a 60 day Money-back Guarantee:

  • You’re backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Test your QOD out for a full 60 days.
  • If you don’t find it makes playing and enjoying golf better than ever before, let us know.
  • We’ll refund the full cost of your buggy.

Plus a Trade in Plan:

  • We’ll even offer you $250 as a fixed trade-in cost when you choose to buy your NEXT QOD
  • The trade in offer is valid anytime up to four years from the date of purchase
  • We’re constantly developing and refining our design in line with our customers’ valuable feedback

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