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Golf and Fitness – introducing Dr Lynn Beasley

By November 5, 2018Blog

QOD Golf Australia has always promoted the concept of improving your fitness while playing golf.

From today, Dr. Lynn Beasley will be writing regular articles for QOD Golf, teaching us how exercise can improve our golf swings and our overall golf game.

“Be MORE consistent and have MORE fun playing golf now!”

“When you work with me, I PROMISE to teach you how to FULLY Optimize Your Game,

Then INTEGRATE those new skills and techniques into ALL Aspects of your Daily Life…
All you need to do is COMMIT!!”

Dr Lynn Beasley comes with very impressive credentials. Lynn has a Doctorate in Sport & Performance Psychology with a Masters Degree in Kinesiology/ Biomechanics in addition to being a strength coach, nutritionist, and a former golf professional.

Want to get started?

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It really is that easy to get started, you have nothing to lose, except perhaps a few strokes off your handicap of course! 

Improve your Golf and Fitness

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Congratulations, your journey to improve your Golf and Fitness has begun.

Take Dr. Beasley's advice and start walking around your golf course. 

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