Want to Play Better Golf and Lower Your Handicap?

The QOD Electric Golf Trolley

Easy to store

Unlike a conventional electric golf trolley, when folded, QOD will fit into most golf club personal lockers and the smallest of cars, but its compact design doesn’t compromise on quality. The QOD electric golf trolley measures just 27cm x 30cm x 42cm and when folded is the world’s smallest single piece construction electric golf trolley. Arguably QOD is the most portable single piece full size electric golf trolley in the world. 

Lithium Powered

In keeping with its compact design QOD is powered by the smallest and lightest golf battery of its kind. The 18+ hole lithium battery at under 2.5 kgs is less that 1/4 of the weight and 1/3 of the size of a traditional lead–acid or Gel golf battery. There is also a 36 hole option. Both batteries will fully charge in less than 4 hours and are rated for 2000 rounds of golf. QOD is the most Portable full size electric Golf Trolley in the world

Incredible Warranty

Your satisfaction is our goal! We provide you with up to a total of 5 years of protection for your purchase. During the first two years we provide comprehensive coverage on the total trolley for component failure. We provide you with a superior product that will last you for many golfing seasons to come

Yes, We are the new guys on the block but we are winning awards.

QOD stands for “Quality Of Design”. Our electric golf trolley is designed better to provide more value to you.

Winner of the Golf Europe Product Award - Electric Golf Trolley

It’s small and light yet powerful and a competitive game changer....

Measuring an amazing 27cm x 30cm x 42cm , QOD is the world’s smallest single piece construction electric golf trolley. It’s an elegant design. Small and light yet powerful. Its unique 4 wheel, telescopic design means there is nothing else quite like it. QOD fits into your trunk easily or fits on an airplane and only weighs 11kgs. Don’t be deceived by our small size: QOD is capable of carrying the largest bags up and down hilly courses for 36 holes and still be ready for a playoff easily.

The unique design of QOD allows a full size staff bag to be carried in the correct upright position. Not only is the QOD electric golf trolley constructed using only the finest materials, including aircraft quality aluminum, it’s tough enough to handle the most demanding of courses and is packed with exciting features such as a whisper-quiet motor and continuous pace control.​

Feel better, look better, play better !

You’ll be more fit and amazingly lower your handicap. A round of golf is roughly a 7 km walk. By walking and not carrying your bag or pushing a cart you get the best of both worlds: exercise but not punishment.

By walking the course you will notice the nuances of the course. How the ground is shaped, the length of the grass, the moisture, the wind patterns. These all help you score better.

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Golf Buggies For Sale in Sydney

If you’re an avid golfer living in Sydney, there’s a good chance that, at some point in your life, you’ve found yourself seriously struggling with a golf bag that is simply too large and heavy to be comfortably and conveniently carried around an 18-hole course.

Especially in the hot summer months, the issue of transporting your golf bag can become quite a dilemma.

Forget Golf Carts and Invest in an Electric Golf Buggy

Many people choose to hire golf vehicles to transport them and their bags, but sadly this means they miss out on the walking element of a round of golf, which is one of the most important and enjoyable parts of the game.

Not only is the standard 7km walk a great way to get some essential exercise, but it is also an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of the course such as the shape of the terrain and the wind direction. Such observations allow a golfer not just to enjoy the game more, but also to improve their performance and lower their handicap.

At QOD Golf, our premium electric golf buggies for sale in Sydney are not just compact and lightweight – they’re also equipped with state of the art lithium batteries that make them extremely powerful and effective.

Easy to store, transport and assemble, our golf buggies in Sydney allow golfers to give up the golf vehicle and tackle the course on foot, without having to worry about carrying their burdensome golf bag.

Golf Carts for Sale Sydney

Carefully designed and expertly crafted, our golf buggies in Sydney are the ultimate solution to your bag carrying problems.

With a battery that can charge to maximum charge in under four hours, and which will then have enough power to carry your bag all the way round the golf course, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to reap the rewards of walking the course without any of the problems traditionally associated with it.

That’s why so many people across Australia and the world who have been looking for a quality golf buggy have chosen QOD Golf’s electric golf buggy. Sydney golfers need no longer choose between giving up their walk and struggling with a heavy bag as our golf buggy in Sydney is the solution you’ve been waiting for!

Contact a member of our team today to find out more about how our product can enhance your game and your golfing experience.

QOD Golf provide unique electric golf buggies throughout Australia. Our motorised golf buggies drive themselves allowing your more freedom to enjoy your golf game. We also stock a range of golf cart batteries for sale if you are looking for a replacement for your electric golf cart.

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Our commitment to you !

Not only is the QOD electric golf trolley constructed using only the finest materials, including aircraft quality aluminum, it’s tough enough to handle the most demanding of courses and is packed with exciting features such as a whisper-quiet motor and continuous pace control. We back it with a 5 year warranty! Compare our warranty to those of our competitors (up 1 year).

Check out our demonstration page for more details.

Read the latest customer testimonials

Having to constantly travel for tournaments, QOD is just magnificent. The size of it is great and it’s light. And the lithium battery it uses is equally as light and lasts 36 holes, which is very convenient for me when I have two games in one day. People are always impressed when I show them how small it folds up to and how easy it is to travel with, it’s great. And when I’m not using it, my dad uses it, too. We all love the QOD electric golf trolley.

Jordan Zunic
2015 BMW NZ Open - PGA Champion

Perfect! I use it weekly rain hail or shine. The battery is great. Folding is marvelous still cannot believe I can slot it into the top shelf of my locker at St Michaels. I go to golf on my motorcycle so the small battery is great. Not one problem and it does everything. St Michaels has a few hills which it negotiates and saves me pushing or pulling

Geoff Peterson
Managing Director

Thanks Collin, I am playing more and using the trolley a lot without any problem at all. The compact design makes for ease of traveling when visiting other clubs

Chris Jones

Without a doubt, the best piece of equipment for my golf game. I would recommend this trolley to everyone

Rodger Detenon

QOD Golf Electric Golf Trolley