QOD three year limited WARRANTY

And it is FREE !!!

My name is Collin Hiss. I am the person behind the development of the QOD Product. It is my utmost desire to provide you with a superior product that will last you for many golfing seasons to come. I sincerely want you to be a happy customer who is satisfied with the QOD product you have purchased.

My Promise To You - a "no risk warranty"

Your satisfaction is my goal!
If you are dissatisfied for any reason I will try my utmost to ensure that we solve your problem at minimum in accordance with our warranty/guarantee but we would always endeavour to exceed our obligations at all times.

I promise that this product is made carefully and we take seriously any failure that may occur.
However for your peace of mind we provide you with three years of protection for your purchase.

For your battery, Mini Miser provide TWO years of full coverage and THREE years of limited coverage. 

At all times QOD will endeavour to get you up and running quickly if you should ever have a problem.

QOD Parts Warranty

The QOD is modular in design so we can quickly exchange a faulty part for you.
If you require us to fit the part we can do that for you as well through arrangement.

In order to get this warranty, it is important that you have registered your purchase information with us online and you have given us permission to communicate with you through email and other electronic means.

As with any vehicle there are certain maintenance obligations which we would ask that you undertake on your buggy periodically.
At anytime during the life of your product you may contact us to ask for advice and assistance.

For 3 years we provide you with extended warranty on all the major parts coverage such as the motor and gears and wheels.


These are all expensive parts if something went wrong and we protect your interests because we are confident with our product. We obviously don’t cover you for usage wear and tear and we don’t cover you for accidental damage but we will always assist you to get you back golfing using our electric buggies.