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Sore legs In The Morning
Sore legs in the morning? Not as flexible as you used to be? Grab your foam roller and hit your[...]
Start Each Morning
These are great to do right from your living room every morning to start each day with physical movement. #movementislife[...]
Movement for All Ages
Great movement for golfers of all ages here folks.#simpleandeffective #optimalgolfperformanceFind this and dozens more golf specific exercises, movements, stretches, and[...]
Looking for a Challenge?
Looking for a challenge?! Have some fun with these single leg squats on the BOSU #optimalgolffitness— Lynn Beasley, PsyD,CSCS,TPI[...]
Time To Activate Glutes
The lower body is the engine of the swing...time to activate those glutes!— Lynn Beasley, PsyD,CSCS,TPI (@LynnBeasley33) March 9,[...]
Deliberate and Precise
Work on being deliberate and precise in these movements and you’ll reap the benefits. #optimalgolfperformance — Lynn Beasley, PsyD,CSCS,TPI[...]
Warm Up on the Range
Next time you’re warming up on the range before a round of golf, give these a go before whacking away.[...]
Adding Power Exercise
Power Power Power! Another dynamic, full body movement YOU should add if you’re complaining about losing distance or wanting longer[...]
Catching it off the toe?
Struggling to make solid contact? Catching it off the toe and heel but not sure exactly where? Here’s a DIY[...]

Questions? Order by Phone 02 9906 2777

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