Meet The Award-Winning Golf Caddy That Can Cut 3-4 Shots Off Your Golf Game

For Australian Golfers Who Want To Play A Fitter, Smarter, More Competitive Game

Made In Australia
Award Winning Design
10 Year Warranty

Meet Your New Caddy

The QOD Modular Golf Trolley is the most compact, durable and versatile golf trolley in Australia.

Capable of transporting your clubs and gear fully remotely, the QOD makes it possible for you devote 100% focus on playing every hole.

Our customers use their QOD to transport equipment, support phones, tablets and GPS, and even hold their umbrella for them.

Some are even reporting they can now play their favourite 18-hole course up to FOUR shots better than before thanks to their QOD.
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Golf Buggies For Sale in Sydney

If you’re an avid golfer living in Sydney, there’s a good chance that, at some point in your life, you’ve found yourself seriously struggling with a golf bag that is simply too large and heavy to be comfortably and conveniently carried around an 18-hole course.

Especially in the hot summer months, the issue of transporting your golf bag can become quite a dilemma.

Forget Golf Carts and Invest in an Electric Golf Buggy in Sydney

Many people choose to hire golf vehicles to transport them and their bags, but sadly this means they miss out on the walking element of a round of golf, which is one of the most important and enjoyable parts of the game.

Not only is the standard 7km walk a great way to get some essential exercise, but it is also an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of the course such as the shape of the terrain and the wind direction. Such observations allow a golfer not just to enjoy the game more, but also to improve their performance and lower their handicap.

At QOD Golf, our premium electric golf buggies for sale in Sydney are not just compact and lightweight – they’re also equipped with state of the art lithium batteries that make them extremely powerful and effective.

Easy to store, transport and assemble, our golf buggies in Sydney allow golfers to give up the golf vehicle and tackle the course on foot, without having to worry about carrying their burdensome golf bag.

Golf Carts for Sale Sydney

Carefully designed and expertly crafted, our golf buggies in Sydney are the ultimate solution to your bag carrying problems.

With a battery that can charge to maximum charge in under four hours, and which will then have enough power to carry your bag all the way round the golf course, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to reap the rewards of walking the course without any of the problems traditionally associated with it.

That’s why so many people across Australia and the world who have been looking for a quality golf buggy have chosen QOD Golf’s electric golf buggy. Sydney golfers need no longer choose between giving up their walk and struggling with a heavy bag as our golf buggy in Sydney is the solution you’ve been waiting for!

Contact a member of our team today to find out more about how our product can enhance your game and your golfing experience.

QOD Golf provide unique electric golf buggies throughout Australia. Our motorised golf buggies drive themselves allowing your more freedom to enjoy your golf game. We also stock a range of golf cart batteries for sale if you are looking for a replacement for your electric golf cart.

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Compact. Durable. Versatile. (And Used By A PGA Champion)

We’re proud to have spent seven years designing and engineering the world’s most portable, durable and versatile golf trolley. This simple, reliable trolley takes just a few seconds to assemble and pack down.

It’s light, tough and fully customisable to your preferences. (It comprises aircraft-grade aluminium and precision-machined stainless steel.)

That’s why PGA champion and BMW New Zealand Open winner, Jordan Zunic, uses the QOD.

And it’s why a panel of Europe’s players and executives has awarded our trolley Golf Product of The Year.

See The Best Caddy In Action

How Does The QOD Trolley Up Your Game?

The QOD Modular Golf Trolley frees you up to play the tightest and most competitive golf of your life.

Regardless of your age, experience, or physical fitness. You’ll never have to lug heavy gear around the course again.

Nor will you and your playing partners have to golf carts because of huge bags or big trolleys. The QOD clears the path for you to walk freely around the course and concentrate on your game.

How You Can Use Your New Golf Caddy

A Warranty And Guarantee To Match Its Ultra-High Quality

Your new QOD Modular Golf Trolley comes with an unrivalled warranty package.

  • A comprehensive two-year (or 2,000 rounds) warranty
  • 10-year comprehensive warranty on the frame and axle shafts
  • Two-years comprehensive warranty on the lithium battery charger
  • Five years total warranty on the battery (two comprehensive, three limited)

It also comes with an ironclad, 100% money-back guarantee.