A Warranty And Guarantee To Match Its Ultra-High Quality

                  Ironclad                    Three-Year Warranty

   60 Day Money-Back
    Satisfaction Guarantee

             Fixed $250                
Trade-in Offer

We want to make your first QOD Modular Golf Buggy the best golf accessory experience of your life — bar none. So we’re offering you a huge package of inclusions and guarantees.

When you order yours today, you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive three-year full warranty on the total buggy


  • Two-years comprehensive warranty on the lithium battery charger
  • Five years total warranty on the battery (two comprehensive, three limited)


You’re backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. Test your QOD out for a full 60 days. If you don’t find it makes playing and enjoying golf better than ever before, let us know. We’ll refund the full cost of your buggy.

And if that is not enough

We offer you a fixed $250 trade-in price.
So you can buy your NEXT QOD at a substantial saving.
(we’re constantly developing and refining our design in line with our customers’ valuable feedback)