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The Dr Lynn Beasley Biography

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Dr. Lynn M. Beasley, PsyD, CSCS, TPI

Performance Psychology & Sport Science

Lynn has always had a passion for achieving optimal health and performance. Sports and education have been focal points in Lynn’s life. She received a college scholarship for fast‐pitch softball at University of West Florida in 1992 where she obtained a BS in Sports Science. Lynn always believed she would go to medical school and desired to be an orthopedic surgeon, but the day she took a biomechanics class she found her true passion. She began her biomechanics work at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory at NAS Pensacola, FL, while in her senior year of college (1995/96). At the same time, she began personal training and her studies in exercise physiology.

Lynn always had a strong desire to move to California and took a chance in
March 1997 when she boarded a plane for Los Angeles, uncertain of what
awaited her. She immediately began personal training in Pacific Palisades, CA
and fell into doing work as a stunt professional. After a couple years of fun
and too many injuries, Lynn’s passion for education sent her back to school at California State University, Northridge, where she completed her Masters Degree in Kinesiology with a focus in biomechanics. At this time, Lynn developed her obsession for golf. Her thesis work studied the “Ground Reaction Forces of Low Versus High Handicap Golfers”. She took the game very seriously and qualified for the LPGA Futures Golf Tour 18 months later. Lynn only dabbled in playing professional golf until experiencing a devastating personal loss of her brother to heart disease at only 33 years of age, which led Lynn back to her true passion of educating and helping others achieve their optimal wellness and performance goals.

She has served as the Director of Wellness and Performance at The Vintage Golf Club in Indian Wells, CA where she developed a comprehensive, cutting edge Wellness program in collaboration with Eisenhower Wellness Institute. Prior to her work at The Vintage, Lynn trained top junior golfers from Taiwan, China and Singapore, at The Oak Valley Golf Academy, in Beaumont, CA. Currently, Lynn still remains a performance specialist at the Vintage Club, consults to many golf professionals and the French Federation. She also sees golf clients at The Indian Wells Resort, Indian Wells, CA. Additionally; Lynn has taken on a new role with Stryker Orthopedics.

Lynn is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), nutritionist and holds numerous certifications from Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), including: Fitness L3, Medical L3, Junior L3, Biomechanics L2 and Golf L2. Most recently Lynn has earned her Doctorate in Psychology with a Specialization in Sport and Performance. This gives Lynn the unique ability to not only analyze the biomechanics of human movement but how the brain and body work together to learn and execute human movement. Additionally, she uses other psychological tools such as personality profiling, behavior modification, motivational coaching, imagery/ visualization techniques, and emotional control to help individuals achieve ultimate performance. Lynn remains an avid golfer, but her passion is helping others mentally, physically and emotionally so they can achieve their ultimate performance in life and sport.

Cell (310)880-1678 lynn@lynnbeasley.com

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