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By November 26, 2018 No Comments

If this was the car you drive to golf, how would you ever fit your bag and electric buggy in the boot? The answer is QOD, read on ...

QOD Electric Golf Buggy

The 2018 QOD electric golf buggy:

  • is the most portable single piece full-size electric golf trolley in the world without compromising on quality.

  • is the world’s <strong>smallest</strong> single piece construction electric golf trolley, measuring just 34cm x 36cm x 44cm

  • Will fit into most golf club personal lockers and the smallest of cars

Quality is paramount for me in all aspects of life. I love driving my Porsche 911 to golf each Saturday but it was frustrating being unable to load my golf bag and my electric buggy into the rather small boot of the car.
It was only when a colleague at golf suggested I look at the QOD Electric Buggy that my problems were solved without compromising my standards on quality.
The QOD buggy when folded fits perfectly into the compact small boot.
The QOD buggy when unfolded works beautifully on the course.
I have no hesitation in recommending the QOD Electric Golf Buggy

Chris P.


Chris P.


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