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Walking the Course

By January 1, 2019 No Comments

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For improving your fitness AND your Golf

We all know that keeping active is important. We also know that golf provides the perfect opportunity to engage in what is widely considered to be the most underrated form of exercise – brisk walking.

And yet too many golfers choose to miss out on one of the most important and enjoyable elements of the sport, simply because they can’t find superior quality, easy to use, entirely affordable electric golf buggy to carry their bag. At QOD Golf, we’re on a mission to change that.

Many golfers, particularly in warm climates such as those of QOD Golf’s native Australia, choose to hire golf vehicles to carry them and their equipment around the golf course.

They do this not due to any objection to the healthy and enjoyable 7km walk, but rather because – especially in hot weather – carrying a large and heavy golf bag is a great inconvenience and is a source of great discomfort.

But not walking the course means not just that you’re missing a great opportunity to enhance your physical and mental health and wellbeing. You’re also missing out on a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of the particular course you’re playing.

Everything from the shape of the terrain beneath your feet and the length and moisture of the grass to the current wind conditions can be valuable information when it comes to planning your next shot and gaining an important competitive advantage.

In today's video, Dr. Lynn Beasley will be discussing the benefits of choosing to walk around the golf course. It is not just the obvious health benefits, it is also why your golf game will improve as well. 


Listen to Dr Lynn Beasley discuss the many benefits of choosing to walk around the golf course.

You will also learn the "don'ts" when walking.

It is a short video ... Enjoy!

"Enjoy the surroundings of your environment"

"Learn why there are health benefits gained when walking"

"Learn why there are mental benefits gained when walking"

"And be aware of what not to when walking"

Dr. Lynn Beasley

Want to know more?

It really is that easy to get more information from Dr. Lynn Beasley, you have nothing to lose, except perhaps a few strokes off your handicap of course! 

Step 1 : Read Lynn's eBook on Gaining More Power in your Golf Game

Dr Lynn Beasley has generously provided an eBook on gaining more POWER in your golf game. 

It is fascinating reading and it is FREE to the readers on QOD Golf Australia.

Step 2 : Watch the rest of Lynn's collection of videos on
Golf and Fitness recorded specifically for Australians

Dr Lynn Beasley has recorded a number of videos designed to improve the Golf and Fitness of Australian Golfers. 

Access to the videos is FREE to the readers on QOD Golf Australia.

If you registered your name and email address QOD Golf will automatically send you details when Lynn publishes her next article or video for Australians.

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