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QOD is an innovative golf trundler which is small on size but big on performance, and it has won awards for its intelligent design and functionality.

  • New Zealand Golf Magazine

QOD aims to give golfers back the enjoyment of walking the course and will help players save ave energy for more important things – like hitting great shots and improving their game. QOD is designed and manufactured in Australia and is constructed using only the finest materials, including aircraft quality aluminium and precision machined stainless steel. There are no welded joints on the chassis which adds to the structural integrity and means it’s tough enough to handle the most demanding of courses, s, and built to last.

Unlike a conventional electric golf trolley, when folded, QOD will ill fit into most golf club lockers and the smallest of cars, but its compact design doesn’t compromise the quality. Arguably QOD is the most portable single piece, full size electric golf trolley in the world. This game-changing golf trolley measures just

27cm x 30cm x 42cm when folded and weighs just 11kg. T The e unique 4-wheel, telescopic design means there is nothing else q quite like it. Despite its compact size, it is capable of carrying the larges largest bags up and down hilly courses for up to 36 holes and still be ready for a playoff.

In keeping with its compact design, QOD is powered by t the smallest and lightest go golf battery of its kind. The 18+ hole lithium battery at under 2.5 kgs is a fraction of the weight and size of a traditional lead- acid or gel battery, and there is also a battery option for 36-holes. Both batteries will fully charge in less than 4 hours and are rated for 2000 rounds of golf. The controls have been well thought out and it’s easy to navigate around the course and maneuver in tight spaces around the green. There are also timed interval modes where you can send QOD ahead on its own if you wish.

Buying a golf trundler is an investment, and QOD offers exceptional quality and design at an affordable price.

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