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Finding Your Sweet Spot

By December 18, 2018 No Comments

The Complete Golfer…Optimize Your Game!

written by

Dr. Lynn Beasley, MS, PsyD, CSCS, TPI

Performance Specialist


Golf is a unique game requiring proficiency in numerous skills and physical aptitudes. The short game requires a sense of feel for distance control and the ability to visualize slopes and breaks. The long game requires hand eye coordination, balance, mobility, strength, power and timing. Those are just the physical skills; it also takes a strategic mind and self management of emotions.

The average golfer desires desperately to improve. Yet, rarely does the golfer take an honest assessment of his/her game and what areas need the most work.

In truth, all the components I described need to be consistently evaluated and improved. Regardless of age, gender, or skill level, the foundation and fundamentals of every component should constantly be worked on. This is easier said than done and takes an expert in all areas to help evaluate and guide you. Just hitting balls on a range every day will not do anything to help your game and can often hurt it if you are not practicing deliberately on the correct motor skill. It takes thousands and thousands of hours of deliberate practice for anything to become habit, physical or mental.

The good news is everyone can improve their performance and enjoy the game more if they are willing to evaluate all aspects of their game, stick to a plan, and work on improving the foundations. Your expectations must match your skill set in all areas.

At Lynn Beasley Performance LLC, we start every client with a complete assessment of all the components of golf and create a plan based on their goals and current skill level to optimize their golf game. We offer supervised practice sessions that allow the golfer to work on what he/she is supposed to be working on with appropriate feedback. Supervised practice is in small group settings so it is more affordable than a one on one lesson, yet it is customized to each golfer so they can be doing “deliberate practice” for what they are working on improving.

Sweet Spot Drill


For this article, I would like demonstrate a drill that should be done regularly by all levels of golfers. Knowing where you are hitting the ball on the face is critically important and just giving your brain a little feedback can help improve your ball contact dramatically.

This drill is very simple.

  • Simply spray some foot powder on your clubface of any club,
  • hit the ball
  • notice where on the face you made contact.
  • the goal is approximately the center of the face.
  • don’t judge or try to make any drastic changes to improve it
  • just let you brain notice
  • and try again.

With continual feedback your hand eye coordination will automatically begin to improve and get better at finding the SWEET SPOT!

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