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Improve your Golf Power

By December 17, 2018 No Comments

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use the legs & ground = gain power!


Dr. Lynn M. Beasley, PsyD, CSCS, TPI


Max POWER comes from proper use of the ground, legs, and forces correlating between the two. Driving forces between the ground and legs is the TRUE engine thats driving the power in the golf swing- NOT upper body! Below are pictures of me demonstrating poor and proper usage of the legs and ground for MAX POWER

& Ground Use 

& Ground Use 

As you can see here,

The club is at the top of the backswing and there is little to no weight load and leg usage 

Now this is what you are looking for !

The top of a backswing tells if the person has shifted weight correctly, loaded up and is using the ground at max potential

**The feeling you would have here is almost a top heavy, extremely non stable position.  If you were pushed from behind or from the front, you would easily tip immediately onto your toes or heels...AKA a very "weak" stance and power move!!**

**When you get yourself into this type of stable, strong, and grounded position, you will feel extremely centered and balanced....AKA ready to Grip & Rip it!**



1. Stance too Narrow -
Feet need to be wider apart to allow proper stability, weight shift, load, and transfer throughout takeaway

1. Perfect Stance Width - Here, different than in the first picture, shows what a proper width of the feet should resemble in order to shift the weight onto the right side efficiently.

2. No Knee Bend - When the knees do not bend enough, you immediately know the person is too rigid and no weight is being loaded on the right side during the back swing.

Simply put, there is a massive power and distance loss!!

2. Great "Squatting" Posture - This is perhaps the most significant move in the swing to generate power-legs and lower body have a slight "squat" motion allowing the golfer to push and utilize the ground and forces necessary to generate MAX Power!

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